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In addition, Karnataka cricketer Karun Nair also broke Virat Kohli`s record and was described by Shankar Basu as the fittest cricketer in India. However, the results of his tests were not disclosed. There are minimum standards for yo-yo testing for players in the Malaysian Soccer League (MSL) and Singapore National Professional League (S-League). The S-League introduced the yo-yo test as a mandatory fitness test in 2018, replacing the 2.4km running or beep test. The standard set for players is a minimum of 18.4. Former strength and conditioning coach of the Indian cricket team, Shankar Basu, introduced the yo-yo test to the national team ahead of India`s tour of Sri Lanka in 2017. India`s captain Virat Kohli scored 19 points in the yo-yo test, but he has three strong rivals in domestic cricket who have scored higher. Netball New Zealand has set yo-yo testing standards for its junior and senior teams. The May 2016 document „Player Profile – Physical Fitness testing Guidelines Zone/Centre & School Programmes (U/15 to U/21`s)“ lists the following standards: Course layout: The desired route is marked with a cone or tape. For the endurance test, only two lines are needed, 20 meters apart. For intermittent versions, three parallel lines are required, two 20 meters apart, and another line of 2.5 m (endurance version) or 5 m (recovery version) from the starting end.

For the Level One intermittent recovery test (the version normally performed), the test results can range from 5.1 to 23.8. All possible results can be found in the yo-yo test chart. There are also other standards in an old March 2010 document also published by Netball New Zealand, „Fitness testing Guidelines for Players and Umpires “ by M Kritz and G Thompson. „It doesn`t take into account the capacity of cricket,“ Rishi Manuja, a sports and physical nutrition specialist, told the Hindustan Times. „In addition, you must have a certain level of fitness to be able to participate in the test. This cannot be the ultimate test of your athletic abilities. The yo-yo test was introduced to the Indian cricket team in 2017 and has now become a standard for measuring the fitness of players heading to the international stage. There are several variations of yo-yo testing, and each requires different standards for comparison. There is the yo-yo endurance test (like the beep test) and the intermittent yo-yo tests with short active breaks (5 and 10 seconds respectively for the intermittent endurance test). intermittent recovery test). I`m not aware of any published charts of expected results or „standards“ for any of these tests, so I`ve created some with test results known to a number of people with different fitness levels. Since the Yo-Yo endurance test is essentially identical to the standard sound test, sound test standards can be used.

The procedure described below applies to all versions, there are pages with more detailed instructions and a list of resources for each of the trial versions. During his tenure as India`s coach, Anil Kumble made passing the yo-yo test a mandatory requirement for team selection • AFP/Getty Images The level one test is very similar to the standard beep test, although the speed is slower for most levels. The Level 2 test starts with a higher running speed and has different speed levels (see Yo-Yo endurance test levels). There is also an intermittent version of the yo-yo test, which includes a recovery period after each 40-meter (2x20m) run. The intermittent version of the test is the most popular and this is what most people refer to when discussing the yo-yo test. According to a report by PTI, Indian players Manish Pandey, Karun Nair and Mayank Dagar have improved Kohli`s yo-yo test record. While Pandey reached the 19.2 mark, Himachal Pradesh cricketer and former member of the Indian U-19 national team, Mayank Dagar, scored 19.3 in his test. Interestingly, several cricketers, including Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Mohammed Shami, Sanju Samson and recently Varun Chakravarthy, have failed the yo-yo test. If you need to know how far you`ve traveled for a certain result, the yo-yo test calculator calculates the distance traveled once you enter the level or shuttle number.

You can also manually read the distance value from the Jojo test tables, for example for YYIR1 and YYIR2. ESPNcricinfo staff tackle the yo-yo test We created the above standards tables using the VO2max standards table as the first guideline, replacing the data into a formula for estimating VO2max from IR1 and IR2 yo-yo test results (Bangsbo et al. 2008), as well as adjusting the standards based on test results from a number of athletes from the same paper and other yo-yo test results. Known. Variants: There are two versions of this test: Level 1 and 2. The level one test is similar to the standard sound test. The Level 2 test starts with a higher running speed and has different speed levels. See Yo-Yo endurance test levels. See also About beep test changes. There has been a lot of discussion in India about setting a benchmark score of 16.1 that all Indian cricketers must achieve before the national team. Coach Ravi Shastri will increase India`s yo-yo test passes to 17 ahead of a series against South Africa in September 2019.

The yo-yo (continuous) endurance test is a variant of the beep test, which is part of the series of yo-yo tests developed by Danish football physiologist Jens Bangsbo. There are two versions of this test: Level 1 & 2 (beginner and advanced). Objective: The test assesses a person`s aerobic endurance fitness. As soon as a player misses two beeps, his test ends. The process is software-based and the results are recorded. The New Zealand team was set at minimum levels of yo-yo testing in December 2018, with players having six months to reach the norm before the World Cup is denominationd. Each position has a different Yoyo test point requirement, with scorers having the lowest level and centers having the highest standard. (published on stuff.com.nz „Netball World Cup: Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua defunchly defunchly fitness standards“ May 24, 2019) The yo-yo test is becoming a popular scoring tool for many team athletes, and even some teams use the test as a selection standard that requires a minimum score before being eligible for selection to the team.

In 2018, the yo-yo test (YYIR1) replaced the 20-meter sound test as a fitness test for elite basketball umpires (FIBA). The new test is called FIBA Referees Elite Yo-Yo Test. Male and female referees in men`s competitions must score at least 16-3, and v female referees must reach 15-4. The intermittent yo-yo test (stage 1) usually lasts between 6 and 20 minutes. A good score for male athletes on the team is over 20 on the test, and over 22 would be considered an excellent score. Female athletes usually score between 12 and 16 points. Check out more yo-yo test results and yo-yo scoreboards for a fitness score. International netball referees must also reach a minimum level in the yo-yo test (they can choose to do the beep or yo-yo test).

International referees must achieve at least level 15.1 of the Yo-Yo Level 1 intermittent recovery test. The yo-yo test is a popular fitness test for team athletes that assesses the ability to run repeated sprints over a long period of time. Yo-yo test results can be given as total distance, number of levels reached, or speed level, although the most common way to report the score is speed level plus number of shuttles (e.g. 16.3). Since December 2018, All West Indies cricketers must pass the Yo-Yo test if they want to be selected to play a format for both men`s and women`s teams. The minimum score for the selection of the West Indies men`s team is 17.5 (40 m x 40 m shuttles) and is lower for the members of the women`s team. This test is considered one of the main reasons for the massive improvement in the physical condition of players today. Danish football physiologist Dr. Jens Bangsbo introduced the intermittent recovery test (Yo-Yo test) in the 1990s.

The test was first conducted on footballers to improve their overall fitness and aerobic capacity. However, the routine did not follow the pattern of long-distance running. Over time, other sports began to adopt the yo-yo test. The World Rugby standard for referees in YoYo tests in 2017 was 18.1 (out of www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/blacks-style-fitness-test-awaiting-16377689) The Yo-Yo test in Ultra Slow-Mo #INDvNZ – Lot 2: @ashwinravi99 @imVkohli @SDhawan25 @ajinkyarahane88 @MdShami11 pic.twitter.com/2UkBBtZcbn Some online sources list higher standards for other national cricket teams, although they may not consider these results to be part of the Use the team selection process. The minimum standard in the yo-yo test for English and New Zealand players is apparently 19, and for teams from Sri Lanka and Pakistan it is 17.4. However, failing the test does not necessarily provide a complete picture of the player`s fitness. The Yo-Yo test has become a topic of conversation in recent years since it set the benchmark for selection in the Indian cricket team. Fiji Under-20 coach Vicki Wilson wants his midfield players to be at 20 in her yo-yo test and players who would occupy the semicircle at 18 (from Fiji Times, „Wilson sets U/20 team standard“, August 11, 2016). There are six official versions of the yo-yo test, the endurance test is a 20-meter shuttle test like the beep test (no rest periods), and the intermittent test versions have rest periods of 5 seconds (intermittent endurance test) or 10 seconds (intermittent recovery test) between each 40-meter shuttle.

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