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In addition, special adhesive films for glass must have a general operating permit (EBA). This is especially true for a big-box car sticker. Since the windows of the vehicles are also made of safety glass, the functionality must not be impaired by the sticker. If necessary, seek advice in advance from a reputable workshop as to which certificates should be available for car glass stickers and what conditions should be met. But even with the bumper sticker, there are many things to consider to avoid fines and points in Flensburg. In the worst case, there is even a threat of a ban on the use of the vehicle until the changes have been canceled. Learn more about the individual regulations below and what you need to pay attention to when attaching and removing car stickers. Legal setting Austria foils ( As the title suggests, I would like to know if the slats for car windows, as shown in the photo, are legal in Austria? Hello, are the stickers on the windscreen as well as on the picture (red/white sticker) legal in Austria? Of course, you can not only decorate the paint of your vehicle with all kinds of sayings and patterns. The rear window also offers enough space to confess, for example, your favorite band or to advertise your own online service. However, you should not plaster the vehicle windows with car stickers indefinitely. It is important to leave enough space on the windshield so that the driver`s view to the rear is not completely obstructed by the rear window sticker.

Therefore, a large part of the window should not be equipped with opaque car stickers. The view through the rear-view mirror must remain free in all cases. The stickers that can be regularly affixed inside the windscreen are toll stickers and official stickers for the respective environmental zones. But even these bumper stickers should not be in the driver`s direct field of vision and therefore should belong to the windshield on the left edge or in the middle behind the rear-view mirror. In the following tuning guide, we deal exclusively with small car stickers and car tattoos. Strictly speaking, these are also printed car sheets that are attached to vehicles, but they are usually smaller and limited to fixed patterns. However, it is not advisable to tear the car sticker off the adhesive surface like this. Otherwise, it can damage the paint. Commercially available PVC films used for bumper stickers react to high heat effects. With a normal hair dryer, you can heat the surface of the car sticker. This makes the bumper sticker stretchable and the glue comes off. Only after heating can you easily detach the stickers from the vehicle.

All residues can be easily removed from paint or windows with alcohols – alcohol or isopropanol (IPA). When sticking a car sticker wetly, the surface of the vehicle to be glued and the adhesive surface of the car sticker are sprayed with a water-based detergent solution. As a result, the adhesive on the PVC film is temporarily deactivated, and the pattern can be easily moved to the surface. This allows you to correct the position of the bumper sticker even after application and find the optimal place for the pattern. If the aluminum pattern extends over the seams of the car, that is, over several components, you may need to carefully cut the pattern using a sharp and thin knife (knife or scalpel) and glue the edges into the edges. Otherwise, the pattern can quickly detach at these weak points. Be careful not to damage the paint. Football team, favorite band, supposedly funny sayings: The selection of stickers for the car is unlimited – contrary to what is allowed. The Traffic Permits Regulation (STVZO) prescribes detailed rules regarding size and location. Whether it`s a small logo or a big motif: self-adhesive, UV and water-resistant films are usually used for the production of car stickers. Usually, it is a coated paper or plastic support material.

The adhesive is located on the material of the support. In most cases, it is a one-component adhesive. However, there are also wet adhesives containing solvents, dispersion and contact adhesives. Is it now allowed to stick stickers on the rear window from the outside? Or can they only be glued from the inside? Hello! Does anyone know if insurance (DEVK, partial casco) pays for cracks in the windshield – even if they weren`t necessarily caused by a landslide? An acquaintance of mine drives with a big crack in the windshield and says that insurance only pays if the cause was a stone. It`s true? I think Germany already has other problems like stickers. Especially the „windshield is taboo“. You honestly how many cars in Germany there are stickers on the windshield. While it may cost 90€ and 1 point in the highest case, cannot be real. There are super freedoms (Bravo). The windows that are in the driver`s field of vision – i.e.

the windscreen and the two front side windows in front of the B-pillar – are absolutely taboo when glued! It is forbidden to cover these windows, which are important for the driver`s field of vision. This means that neither tinting the car windows nor gluing is allowed. The reason for this is that the driver is deprived of the necessary vision or even the smallest disturbing factors in the field of vision can cause irritation. In order to prevent new dust from settling quickly on the adhesive surface, it is advisable to always work in a room that is largely free of dust. Even small grains of dust can otherwise lead to quirks and mistakes. That is offence number 319606. Stickers are not allowed on the windscreen if they measure more than 0.1 m² and are in the direct field of vision. In certain circumstances, you could be charged with driving an unauthorized vehicle if the sticker is in the field of vision. There are certain vehicle parts that you should not stick to under any circumstances. This includes not only mirrors in and on the car, but especially license plates. The license plate must always be recognizable and in perfect condition for the identification of the vehicle and the owner.

According to § 10 paragraph 2 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (OZZ), registration plates cannot be covered: a bumper sticker is, as the name suggests, a sticker that you affix to your vehicle as a design element. As it is usually outdoors in wind and weather, the demands on the product are high. Therefore, only particularly light-resistant plastics are used in production, so that the colors shine in their original intensity even years later. Most stickers are used for visual enhancement. They are available in different sizes and designs, with eye-catching jumps, attractive patterns, a logo or even the Swiss coat of arms. Some manufacturers also offer you to print self-designed bumper stickers so you can beat your vehicle in a truly unique way. If you leave Switzerland with your car, a Swiss adhesive is of course mandatory. The national emblem shall be affixed to the rear. Otherwise, there are legal regulations, especially for gluing car windows. In general, stickers should not distract other road users from the traffic situation. In accordance with SR 741.41 of the Ordinance on Technical Requirements for Road Vehicles, luminescent, self-luminescent or illuminated stickers as well as retro-reflective elements are prohibited.

The rules regarding the front side windows and windscreen are particularly strict. A clear and distortion-free view must always be guaranteed. The light transmittance of the sticker shall be at least 70 %. Even rear window stickers should not interfere with the eyesight. If your car has a rear window heater, you should do without it anyway, as removing bumper stickers can damage heating pressures. It is best to attach the stickers to the sheet. In the rear area under the rear window, the design elements make sense. The doors are also suitable for gluing. In principle, manufacturers may only sell vehicles that meet the corresponding type-approval requirements. Therefore, it can generally be assumed that a vehicle offered by a reputable dealer is also authorized. Hello, I have a sticker on the windshield at the bottom center, about 12 cm high and 60 cm wide. This is just a font so you can also see between the letters.

Is that allowed or not? And what kind of fine can I expect? Will there also be something because of the absence of BE? And when is it a danger to road traffic? Thanks for your help!:) This is really absurd, which is now forbidden! We stuck our club sticker on the right side of the windshield! Absolutely not disturbing in the field of vision and has nothing offensive! Nevertheless, today a club member was advised to withdraw it or have it registered! In the meantime, I have the impression that it is only a matter of reducing the money and that we can ask the poor driver to pay again! We are deprived of more and more freedom! A person`s taste changes again and again during his life.

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