Who Is the Antagonist in Legally Blonde

Entertainment Weekly put Elle Woods on its end-of-decade best-of list, saying, „She`s blonde, bubbly and wears a little Chihuahua. But despite the inevitable comparisons between Paris Hilton, Reese Witherspoon`s Legally Blonde Dynamo managed to be taken seriously. Case closed! [8] The story, for those of you who can`t remember the 2001 blockbuster starring Reese Witherspoon, is about Elle Woods, a blonde California sister who goes to Harvard Law School after being abandoned by her already enrolled boyfriend. Woods sets out to prove to her ex, her teachers and herself that with enough determination and courage, it is possible to break the boundaries that others have set for you. Character motivation. This is an important part of creating a character, especially your protagonist or antagonist (if you have a physical antagonist), as it drives your characters` actions. Well, your character`s motivation doesn`t have to stay the same throughout the story. This can change as your character learns and grows at each important point in the plot. To put you in a „blonde“ mood, we spoke with actor Kahlil Joseph, who plays Professor Callahan in the production. Those familiar with the plot will recognize Callahan as Elle`s law professor/mentor/antagonist.

The outline of Legally Blonde grew out of Brown`s experiences as a blonde who went to Stanford Law School while obsessed with fashion and beauty, reading Elle magazine and frequently colliding with the personalities of her peers. In 2000, Brown met producer Marc Platt, who helped her develop her manuscript into a novel. Platt hired screenwriters McCullah Lutz and Smith to adapt the book into a film. The project caught the attention of director Luketic, an Australian newcomer who came to Hollywood after the success of his first offbeat short film Titsiana Booberini. „I had been reading scripts for two years and couldn`t find anything to put my own personal imprint until Legally Blonde came along,“ Luketic said. Based on the novel and the bestselling film of the same name, Legally Blonde: the Musical follows the journey of the infamous Elle Woods, a fashion-conscious UCLA sorority who sees her life turned upside down when she is abandoned by her boyfriend Warner. To prove to Warner that she is more than just a blonde sister, she follows him to Harvard Law, where she struggles to fit in and do well. In the end, she defies expectations and manages to stay true to her gorgeous pink personality.

Legal Blonde begins with Elle Woods, a seemingly messy, wealthy blonde fashion student and president of her Delta Nu sorority, who prepares to be proposed by her boyfriend Warner, who is preparing to go to Harvard as a law student. At least she expects a demand. Instead, he drops them based on his own motivation to be a senator at 30. He tells her that he „needs to marry a Jackie, not Marilyn.“ Warner`s separation from Elle is the incitement event. Evildoer Full name Callahan aka Professor Callahan Origin Legal blonde profession University ProfessorLawyer (both formerly) Powers/Skills High intelligenceCharisma Pastime Commanding, beating and sexually harassing women Goals to have sex with Elle Woods (failure). Crime Sexual harassmentRape Type of villain Perverted corrupt official Professor Callahan is one of the two main antagonists (along with Chutney Windham) of the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde and its 2007 Broadway musical adaptation. Witherspoon wore 40 different hairstyles in the film. [22] „Oh my God, it became known as `The hair that ate Hollywood,`“ Luketic said. It was all about hair. I have this obsession with flyaways. It annoyed Reese a bit because I always had hairdressers on my face. But most of the time, the research and testing on set went in the right color, because `blonde` is open to interpretation, I thought. Amanda Brown published Legally Blonde in 2001, based on her real-life experiences as a blonde who attended Stanford Law School while obsessed with fashion and beauty, reading Elle magazine and frequently colliding with the personalities of her peers.[12] [6] In Elle`s case, of course, as I said, she is a woman in the legal field, and we know all the „male-dominated everything“ and the „glass ceiling“ and so on.

In addition, she is a blonde woman, a blonde woman from a sorority who has her own stereotypes. And so she has to fight and overcome in her gentle and cheeky way. She has to overcome things like everyone else. The film originally ended at the courthouse, just after Woods won the case, with Elle on the steps of the courthouse sharing a victory kiss with Emmett, then cutting a year into the future to see her with a now-blonde Vivian form their own blonde legal defense club at law school. After the test audience revealed that they didn`t like the ending, McCullah Lutz and Smith consulted Luketic, Platt and other members of the production team while they were still in the lobby of the theater, and they agreed that a new conclusion was needed. „It was just a weak ending,“ said screenwriter McCullah Lutz. „The kiss didn`t feel right to me because it`s not a romantic comedy – it wasn`t about their relationship. So the test viewers said, „We want to see what happens – we want her to succeed. That`s why we rewrote for graduation. Ubach and Jessica Cauffiel claim that the original ending also included Elle and Vivian drinking margaritas in Hawaii, implying that they were either best friends now or in love, although Smith and McCullah never wrote such an ending.[31] .

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