White and Case Legal Project Manager

As a White & Case lawyer, you will work on innovative and fast projects from the beginning of your career and work with our international teams on cross-border matters. You`ll get to know clients early on, as you`ll address content issues that integrate your law studies with practical insights and guidance from your mentor. Inclusion is a business imperative for us. The nature of our clients` projects requires cross-border collaboration that organically stimulates the recruitment of a diverse workforce that reflects local priorities. Last year, our lawyers billed more than 120,000 pro bono hours for a separate list of clients and projects. They will be able to address issues such as human rights, legal education, access to justice, social impact, health and the environment. We are looking for globally minded global citizens who are eager to work across borders and cultures and who are fascinated by problem solving in multiple jurisdictions. Our employees are known for their diversity, which you will experience from the moment you arrive here. At the last count, 97 nationalities and 89 languages were represented in our workforce.

We are aiming for significant growth through 2020. And we need talented business people who are strong in their field to support our growth. You will have the opportunity to work with the most talented lawyers on innovative projects that create new ways of doing business, increase efficiency and grow our business. As a firm, we are looking for experienced lawyers with international interests, presence and contacts, who are willing to work across borders and cultures and who are fascinated by structured solutions across multiple jurisdictions. White & Case is a full-service firm with more than 2,000 lawyers, 25 areas of expertise and 17 industry groups. We support our clients in legal matters that play on our strengths in dealing with complex cross-border work. We tailor our presence to our clients` interests in local markets. There are several paths to your area of interest. At White & Case, our geographic investments, client list, and concentrations of practices and industries demonstrate our international reputation. You will work with outstanding colleagues on content projects that cover both cross-border and local issues, benefiting from a culture open to new ideas and innovation. How you apply to White & Case depends on the type of legal or professional training you have received, your experience and where you want to work with us.

Application and interview stages, training program structure and available positions vary by region. To learn more about opportunities in your preferred market, visit that country`s location page. Tools used by our legal project managers include material process mapping, project management templates, and regular proactive reporting to clients on status and fees to protect against surprises. In addition, we are considering solutions that integrate artificial intelligence and are working to find the right resource for the right position, whether within an existing team or through offshore outsourcing. Legal Project Management (GPL) – the application of project management tools and practices to assess, plan, execute and evaluate legal issues – has become a hot topic for law firms and their clients. In 2018, we demonstrated our ongoing commitment to LPM by expanding our dedicated global team and methodologies. Our goal remains to work with our clients to provide the most effective and efficient service. What started as a radical idea that the world is our market is now our reality. Today, complex client projects, differentiated knowledge of the local market and global capabilities define who we are. Find out what this means for your career.

Our corporate services professionals support more than 2,000 lawyers in 25 practice areas, 17 industry groups and 30 countries. Supported by your colleagues around the world, you will work on projects that have both global impact and significant regional significance. The nature of our work and the fast pace of our projects mean that you will be working in an ever-changing environment. You may be helping to develop artificial intelligence tools, build our reputation, support client work, attract new clients, recruit and hire talent, keep our offices running smoothly or offer a variety of services that support our lawyers: you`ll never be bored. We live our explicit commitment to social responsibility through a strong international pro bono program. Last year, White & Case lawyers billed more than 120,000 pro bono hours for a separate list of clients and projects. For an employee, our pro bono work is an invitation to tackle pressing social issues and make a positive contribution to local communities. We are proud to be recognized for our creative and agile solutions to customer needs.

In 2016, we were named „Europe`s Most Innovative U.S. Firm“ by the International Financial Law Review for the second year in a row and won seven global law awards from The American Lawyer. The firm`s legal project managers combine expertise in the banking, legal and government sectors with innovative project management techniques. As part of the legal teams, they often communicate directly with clients and provide best practice support to lawyers working on the subject. They ensure that best practices are implemented across the firm and that we learn from each client mandate. With more than 2,000 lawyers, 17 industry groups and 25 practice areas, a career at White & Case has the resources of a full-service global firm. Our strategic focus is on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and litigation, which play on our strengths in cross-border work, as well as industries heavily used in cross-border legal services: private equity, financial institutions, oil and gas, and technology. We believe that mobility promotes career development.

A number of our partners and senior partners have evolved into White & Case offices, leveraging our unrivalled international offering to support their efforts. Our staff will have the opportunity to explore new cultures and expand their knowledge of legal systems around the world. This publication is for your convenience and does not constitute legal advice. This publication is protected by copyright. © 2019 White & Case LLP Since founding our New York practice in 1901, we have built an unparalleled network of 44 offices that now serve clients in 180 countries.

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