When Is It Legal to Use the Shoulder of a Road When Overtaking Another Vehicle

(1) If the vehicle overtaken turns left or intends to turn; On the left side, driving on the emergency lane is allowed to slow down or stop a disabled vehicle that cannot reach the right emergency lane to avoid a collision or if required by traffic control facilities. Police and emergency vehicles and cyclists are not subject to these regulations. (4) The Department may take steps to obtain federal, state, or local support for any aspect of the implementation of a program to permit a bus to use the emergency lane or state highway right-of-way, as provided in subsection (d)(1); provided that funds used for the purposes of subparagraph (d) of this paragraph are used in a special manner by reference in the General Resources Act. The driver of a vehicle shall pass and pass another vehicle on the right side only in conditions permitting such safe movement. Except in cases where driving on paved emergency shoulders is permitted by legally displayed signs, such movement shall not be made while driving on the emergency lane of the highway or off the carriageway or part of the carriageway or main traffic. One. The driver of a vehicle may only pass and overtake to the right of another vehicle: motorists must never drive on the emergency lane with the sole intention of passing another vehicle. The use of the emergency lane for overtaking is permitted only if staying in the main lane would result in a collision; For example, if the driver in front of you suddenly stops and you don`t have time to slow down so you don`t hit him. 5. By way of derogation from paragraph 1, the driver of a vehicle with an overall length exceeding 40 feet, an overall width exceeding ten feet or of a combination of vehicles, taking into account other vehicles, may deviate from the lane in which he is travelling, to the extent necessary when approaching and passing through a roundabout.

Don`t forget to activate your hazard lights if you stop a broken down vehicle on the emergency lane, even during the day. Give way to an emergency vehicle that displays flashing lights and sounds a siren The driver also has the option to use the right shoulder to avoid a collision or when required by traffic control equipment such as construction barrels. Follow the instructions of a traffic control device, police officer or other person authorized to direct traffic If the use of the emergency lane is necessary, it is generally safer and more logical to use the emergency lane on the right side of the road. However, exceptional circumstances may justify the use of the left shoulder. For example: 1. If the vehicle being passed is turning left or turning and its driver has given the required signal; (d) (1) Notwithstanding this section, the driver of a bus operated by or for a public transit company may pass and pass a vehicle on the right side while travelling on the emergency lane or right-of-way of a highway on the state highway system, including interstate highways, if authorized by the Department of Transportation. With the exception of approved emergency vehicles, driving a vehicle on the emergency lane or right-of-way of a national highway that is not a ministry-approved bus is an offence punishable as a Class C offence. (c) when it exceeds or exceeds the right of another motor vehicle under this section or any other Act, The person must not drive the motor vehicle on a bicycle path within the meaning of sections 55-8-205.

If the situation requires it and it is safe, a motorist may use the emergency lane on the right side of the highway to: C. Notwithstanding Divisions A and B, this section shall not allow the driver of a motor vehicle to cross a solid line indicating a bicycle path to pass or pass another vehicle. except in the cases provided for in section 46.2-920.1, 46.2-1210 or 46.2-1212.1, on the instruction of an enforcement officer or if the roadway is otherwise impassable due to weather conditions, an accident or an emergency. (2) The Ministry has the authority to make regulations in accordance with the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, compiled in Division 4, Chapter 5, to achieve the objectives of subdivision (d)(1), including the establishment of procedures for authorizing the operation of a bus on the emergency lane or right-of-way and regulations to ensure the safety of passengers on buses and vehicles, that operate on the main access road of the highway or adjacent right-of-way. such as setting a bus speed limit, limiting the use of the emergency lane or right-of-way during rush hour, and installing signs indicating that the emergency lane or right-of-way is used exclusively by a bus. Pass another vehicle in the right lane that has stopped, is deactivated or turns left if a traffic control device or authorized personnel asks you to use the left shoulder. Driving along the shoulder of the road to prevent slow or stopped traffic is illegal in any state. Do not be tempted to use the shoulder in this way, as this will aggravate and endanger other road users. Travelling on the emergency lane to pass other vehicles is considered reckless driving and may result in a serious ticket, points added to your driver`s licence or a driver`s licence ban. Texas drivers may travel on an „enhanced shoulder“ or paved shoulder, in some cases if deemed necessary and can be safely completed in accordance with Texas Transportation Code Section 545.058. 3.

On a one-way or one-way lane, if the carriageway is free of obstacles and wide enough to allow two or more lines of moving vehicles. 2. On a highway whose roadway is not obstructed and which is not occupied by parked vehicles, of sufficient width to allow two or more lines of vehicles travelling in each direction; (2) the driver of the motor vehicle (i) allows a safety distance not exceeding three feet or one-half the width of the motor vehicle, or (ii) fully engages in the left lane of the highway; On the right hard shoulder, it is permitted to drive to stop, stand or park the vehicle; accelerate before entering the lane; or before a right turn.

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