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While LAN events may have taken a big hit in 2020, it will be interesting to see how Smash tournaments play out in the new year and if organizers decide to legalize the Sephiroth stage instead of Kalos. As professional gamer Jason Zimmerman explained in a new video, Northern Cave has some similarities to the Pokémon Kalos League: „Why this level should be legal is because it`s actually very unique compared to all the other levels,“ he said. This is a guide to all phases of Super Smash Bros Ultimate (SSBU) on Nintendo Switch. The legality of the stages and a list of all legal and prohibited tournament levels can also be found here. Read on to see what levels are used in competitive play! The reason why so few steps are legal in Smash Bros has to do with RNG elements, the dangers of the scene, and the layout. If a level has cumbersome walls or starting appearances, it could give a player an edge. Thankfully, Northern Cave seems to be the first exception to the rule, but its legality could depend on removing another level from competitive play to make it work. Since the scene has no obstacles and has a similar layout to the Pokémon Kalos League, several players have suggested legalizing the scene. Compared to the Pokémon Kalos League, the blast areas are smaller, while the platforms are lower and protrude less from the edges, and the stage has no vertical walls.

Overall, these changes could make the scene less favorable to camping than the Pokémon Kalos League. However, there have been some concerns that the background is too visually busy and distracting, especially during the meteor section. There are also occasional concerns about music licensing when it comes to playing Final Fantasy music in tournament livestreams, due to Square Enix`s stricter copyright law, which provides for certain tournaments, with Low Tide City 2022 replacing it completely with Kalo`s Pokémon League for this reason. as well as the above-mentioned substantive issues[1]. Due to its release during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of occurrence even in offline tournaments, the legal status of the scene was unclear until the return of offline tournaments, where this level is selected as an opponent in many tournaments. Northern Cave is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy VII and is located in a crater on the northern edges of the world. The crater was formed two thousand years ago when the alien life form Jenova crashed into the planet. Cloud and his group come here to defeat Sephiroth after the murder of Aerith Gainsborough, only to be manipulated into handing over the Black Materia to the real body of Sephiroth, who has been trapped in a macokokon. After receiving the Black Materiale, Sephiroth summons Meteor, a massive comet, with which he wants to wipe the planet from all life. It erects a barrier over the North Crater to prevent interference from weapons, powerful life forms that defend themselves against threats to the planet. After manipulating Cloud to give him the Black Materiale, Sephiroth summons Meteor to attack the planet with the intention of absorbing the Stream of Life to gain divinity. Although ally Aerith Gainsborough managed to summon Holy before his assassination, Cloud and his group are forced to find a way to destroy him after discovering that his will prevents Holys from activating.

First, the cave is protected by a barrier that Sephiroth had hidden from weapons, life forms born on the planet that protect it from all threats. Shinra took down the barrier with his sister Ray, although they themselves were killed alternately by Diamond Weapon (who was simultaneously killed by Sister Ray when she destroyed Sephiroth`s barrier) and Cloud`s group, and the latter defeated Hojo to prevent him from giving Sephiroth more power with a second push from Sister Ray. before they make their last fight against Sephiroth. Like all iterations of Final Destination, none of the events affect the battle or the scene itself, except for a few brief visual changes. Yes, I thought about music. I know how square their music is. I watched how many people broadcast the end of kh3 without sound. Northern Cave had previously appeared as a scene in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy series of arena-based fighting games.

This specific version of the North Cave was referenced in Ultimate by the background after descending into the crater and immediately before the Holy activation scene, which is based directly on the layout and design of the first one. Super Smash Bros. fighters and stages for WiiU/3DS (Smash 4) Final Fantasy VII Northern Cave Universe Final Fantasy launches in CloudSephiroth Home Phase Type of box Normal Maximum number of players 8 tracks available Music List (Final Fantasy VII) The ending of the original game is ambiguous about what happened after Lifestream`s intervention, and contains only one scene that takes place 500 years later. in which the member of the Red XIII group approaches the ruins of Midgar. but later entries in the Final Fantasy VII series compilation make it clear that Meteor was stopped in time to prevent Sephiroth`s plan for mass extinction – but not without harming the planet – and that humanity also survived. Since Northern Cave has no hazards in the first place, no changes are made when hazards are eliminated. I`m by no means a competitive player and never will be, but I hate „traveling“ stages like this. I turn off each of them in my own stage preferences when I play offline, and as much as it hurts to say it. I could also turn it off.

It`s an epic step, but I think I would have liked it better if it had only been permanently blocked in Jenova`s combat platform area. Music tracks are not tied to specific phases. My Music in the sound settings allows you to select all the songs in the series to which the scene is linked! After the events of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth jumps into the planet`s life stream and begins wandering around it, taking Jenova`s head with him. He eventually reaches the heart and goes into hibernation by locking himself in Mako to prepare for the reunion, an event theorized by the mad scientist and Sephiroth`s father, Professor Hojo, in which those containing the cells of Jenova would unknowingly converge in one place. According to the Smash pro, Northern Cave could end up being a viable step in its own right or even replace Kalos as a better version of it. As for the background, which is potentially distracting, Mew2King also addressed this issue and found that it is very similar to the final destination, so there`s no reason why Northern Cave should be an issue. In the rule settings, you have the option to remove scene hazards for a less crowded and chaotic phase. No stage gadgets like memorabilia or things that affect the stage layout, like Plotwings or Garreg Mach Monastery After some testing to determine stage length, ceiling size, and more, Zimmerman had some interesting ideas. Level selection is done before the fighter is selected, so you can choose the fighter that best suits the stage. You can select two levels for a match from the Step Selection menu by selecting the Level Morph option in the rule settings.

Northern Cave (北の大空洞, Great Northern Cavity) is a Final Fantasy stage of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It comes with Sephiroth in Challenger Pack 8, which is also part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2. „In short, it has the lowest ceiling in the entire game,“ he revealed, adding that some moves can kill 1 percent earlier than other levels. The blasting areas are slightly smaller than the FD. We need smaller levels Harzards on the version is neutral, so Harzards on rule sets are now more interesting. List of stages: All legal tournament levels and prohibited levels The scene then continues in the cave, where the Saint spell can be found in its sealed state. After a few seconds, Holy begins to activate, causing a large explosion, the scene and the strong wind rushing out of the crater. The background camera then moves upwards, just in time to see Meteor descend on the planet. Holy can then be seen springing from the crater and clinging to Meteor to stop him as the strong wind passes in front of the scene during his escape.

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