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Steinberg believes this would improve things by removing restrictions that currently require first- and second-year students to drink in unregulated environments. On the other hand, many studies have shown that a higher legal drinking age leads to lower alcohol consumption. In one of the most recent studies, researchers found that in 2011, 36 percent of college students reported drinking alcohol in the past two weeks, up from 43 percent of college students in 1988, the first year the Age 21 law was passed by all states. Based on DeJong`s review, the latest research confirms what previous work has shown: since the legal drinking age was set at 21, young people drink less and are less likely to have accidents under the influence of alcohol. „These people stand out,“ Rep said. David Floyd of Kentucky, who supports the state in lowering the drinking age to 18, believes that the responsibility recruits take on with military service shows their ability to make mature decisions about alcohol. Despite the risk to funds, seven states are considering lowering the legal drinking age. „Research shows that this saves lives,“ agreed Jan Withers, national president of MADD. In fact, it`s one of the best-researched public health laws on books. When the law was raised to 21, alcohol-related deaths among youth decreased; When the drinking age was lowered, deaths increased. „On the other hand, we have created a real dilemma on university and university campuses, where almost half of the people allowed to drink legally and the other half are not allowed to drink legally.

And I think that creates all sorts of dysfunctional and strange consumption habits as a result. I think setting an age where it would be legal for [all] students to drink would probably improve things,“ he said. Floyd views his efforts to lower the drinking age in Kentucky as military law rather than a liquor law, and would oppose extending the law to non-military personnel. Overall, in a 2017 federal survey, nearly 35% of full-time students aged 18 to 22 admitted to drinking alcohol excessively in the past month. Excessive alcohol consumption is defined as five or more drinks on a single occasion for men or 4 or more drinks for women. „I support lowering the drinking age in South Dakota for several reasons, but it all comes down to respect. In South Dakota, when a person turns 18, they can make contracts, pay taxes, do business, get married, bear arms, and fight overseas to protect our national interests. It`s just disrespectful to tell the same person they can`t stand cold beer when they get home,“ Pesall said. Reset the drinking age to 18, then enforce the law.

The current system, which bans alcohol for Americans under the age of 21, is widely flouted, with disastrous consequences. Teaching people to drink responsibly before the age of 21 would significantly improve public health. Now, high school and college students consider excessive consumption of dangerous alcohol a rite of passage. McCardell argues that the current drinking age negatively affects teens` behavior and helps with binge drinking. After Congress lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 in 1971, many states followed suit by lowering decades-old barriers to alcohol consumption. The reasoning was something like this: If young Americans could be trusted to vote, sit on a jury and fight in Vietnam, why couldn`t they order beer? However, there are other benefits to the higher legal drinking age in the United States. Prior to 1984, the legal age at which alcohol could be purchased in America varied from state to state. According to the CDC, after uniformly raising the legal drinking age to 21, all states saw a median 16% drop in traffic accidents. In 2008, McCardell recruited more than 130 university presidents to sign the Amethyst Initiative, which lobbied for a new federal transportation law that would not penalize states for putting alcohol on before the age of 21.

He said he and other university presidents are expected to testify before Congress in the fall, when the economy collapsed and lawmakers` priorities shifted elsewhere. Despite the research, some still disagree with the federal government`s role in raising the drinking age in states. The researchers also found that current restrictions on alcohol consumption have not led to an increase in binge drinking among teens, as some have suggested. „These kids are not interested in single malt scotches,“ Vereen adds. Teaching children how to drink responsibly is an important process, he says, and should start at a young age. But lowering the drinking age won`t help much. „The evidence is clear that there would be consequences if we lowered the legal drinking age,“ said researcher William DeJong of Boston University`s School of Public Health. [7 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Health] There is a movement to lower the legal drinking age in the United States, and its leader is not a student or brewery owner. He is president of the university. U.S. states may differ in the details of their laws regarding alcohol possession, adult alcohol monitoring or home drinking, but all 50 states have maintained a minimum drinking age of 21 since at least 1988.

However, the merits of these laws continue to be debated. There has been a slight increase in traffic violations committed by drivers around the currently prescribed age of 18. However, the analysis found little evidence that 18- and 19-year-olds committed more alcohol-related crimes after reaching the legal purchasing age. „Excessive drinking, however you define it, is not behaviour that takes place in public. The law prohibited the consumption of alcohol in public places and the public. The only place where excessive alcohol consumption can occur is where the law has prohibited it, in secret locations,“ McCardol said. „How can you argue that drinking age is not to blame?“ After the enactment of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, states also saw a decline in binge drinking among Americans under the age of 25. Monthly alcohol consumption increased from 59% in 1985 to 40% in 1991 among Americans aged 18 to 20. Alcohol consumption among people ages 21 to 25 rose from 70 percent in 1985 to 56 percent in 1991, the CDC reports. And according to the World Health Organization, those who avoid alcohol at a younger age develop fewer alcohol problems later in life. April 3, 2008 – Is 21 a fiasco when it comes to drinking? By the late 1970s, more than half of U.S.

states had lowered their minimum drinking age, typically from 21 to 18. But when research showed an increase in road deaths in those states, state lawmakers began backtracking. Eighty percent of students say they drink, even though laws prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from drinking alcohol. Critics of this drinking age say reduce alcohol consumption and reduce alcohol-related deaths. „In short, based on research, current alcohol laws are counterproductive. For this reason, I recommend lowering the drinking age in controlled environments such as campus restaurants and pubs or at all times with parents, in addition to not allowing young adults to buy alcohol in retail stores to take drinks home, as this is not responsible drinking behavior.“ said Ruth Engs, professor emeritus of applied health sciences at Indiana University. Mothers Against Drunk Driving, founded in 1980, quickly gained national influence and lobbied lawmakers to raise the legal limit. On July 17, 1984, Congress passed a law that denied state funding for federal highways that allowed people under the age of 21 to continue purchasing alcohol, forcing them to increase their drinking age. In 1995, the 50 states and the District of Columbia had joined in the face of this strong financial incentive and pressure from MADD. Many proponents of lowering the minimum drinking age cite the European model of legal alcohol consumption at the age of 18 or younger. But Vereen says the comparison is wrong. „In Germany, beer is only part of the meal,“ he says.

„It`s not in American culture to do that.“ The Boston University Review also points to research that European teens are not immune to the lure of binge drinking. „Our own law makes clear that the minimum drinking age has been raised `only under duress from a funding sanction imposed by the U.S. Department of Transportation.` In short, we passed this legislation not because it reflected our values, desires and customs as a state, but because we wanted extra money,“ said N. Bob Pesall. In 2006, the nonprofit Choose Responsibility called for the repeal of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, which had prompted all 50 states to set a legal drinking age at 21 and allow states to lower their limit to 18. The article, published Monday in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, even goes so far as to say „case closed“ – the minimum drinking age saves lives. The researchers also looked at how criminal behavior changed between 1994 and 1998, when the legal drinking age was 20. „Some people assume that students are so obsessed with alcohol that nothing can stop them,“ DeJong said.

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