New Rules for Pubs in Ireland

The obligation to close pubs and restaurants at 8pm ends tomorrow morning. One of the only rules that remained in place was the requirement to wear face masks in almost all previously expected areas. The rules require bars, including hotel bars, and restaurants to offer table service only. limit the number of adults at a table to six – and a total of 15 if children aged 12 or younger are included; and ensure that there is at least one metre of separation tables where mixing between tables is not allowed. Customers must wear masks when not seated at their table. Authorized establishments can remain open until midnight. Nightclubs are not allowed to open at all under the current rules, at least until January 9, when restrictions are in place until then. This allowed pubs to lift social distancing requirements, as well as the limit of six people per table and the need to show a Covid digital passport for dining indoors. Nightclubs that opened in October for the first time in more than 18 months will have to close under the new rules.

Irish pubs, bars and nightclubs have experienced a nightmare two years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Special rules apply to weddings gatherings. There is no limit to wedding attendees and live music is allowed. Wedding receptions must end at midnight and follow general reception guidelines. Under the rules, individuals must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination, proof of a negative coronavirus test result in the last 48 hours, or proof of a positive PCR test taken in the last 30 to 180 days to visit nightclubs, restaurants serving food and drink, cinemas, theatres and conference rooms. These new restrictions also apply to large indoor events with 500 or more participants and large outdoor events with more than 4,000 participants, both of which would „stand up.“ The certification requirements also apply to all events where more than 10,000 people are present, whether seated or not. The new rules will apply until January 30 and Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he did not expect stricter controls than those already announced. The LVA wrote on Twitter: „Still a lot of requests for face masks in pubs/other restaurants.

At a briefing on 10 December, the First Minister warned of increased transmission of the Omicron variant and highlighted a new evidence document published by the Scottish Government. She said the Omicron variant is expected to „riot“ across the population. While no new hospitality restrictions were announced at the briefing, the Prime Minister urged employers and employees to postpone planned Christmas celebrations, suggesting rules and guidelines need to be tightened in the coming days in the short term. The Prime Minister announced a tightening of self-isolation requirements for household contacts of a confirmed Covid-11 case. December 2021, requiring 10-day isolation, regardless of vaccination status or return of a negative PCR test. Representatives of the nightlife economy have campaigned for longer opening hours for pubs and nightclubs to improve Ireland`s nightlife. Photo: Eric Luke The rules have been likened to Cinderella`s fairy tale, in which she has to rush home before midnight, leading some to call the risk after 12 hours a „Cinderella variant.“ VFI chief executive Padraig Cribben`s decision to close „will effectively close many pubs and nightclubs late at night“. As health policy is mainly based in the UK, a complex network of public health interventions has emerged, with different approaches for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ireland also has its own specific rules regarding hotels and restaurants. Fianna leader Fail has reached out to the nation after the cabinet signed new public health rules and guidelines as Ireland grapples with a surge in Covid-19. According to the plans, pub opening hours would be standardised throughout the week, with pubs having the option to open seven days a week from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Sunday sales in pubs are currently limited from 12.30pm to 11.00pm, while Monday to Thursday opening hours are usually 10.30am to 11.30pm. You must provide proof of immunity to use the bar and restaurant in a hotel or guesthouse, even if you are a registered guest. Restaurants and pubs in hotels can remain open until after 8pm only for overnight stays and wedding receptions. From Thursday, Irish pubs, clubs and restaurants will have to close at midnight. The PUP rules will not be changed, although the Taoiseach admits that the restrictions will effectively close nightclubs in the coming weeks. The public also reacted widely with anger and frustration to the introduction of rules for pubs and clubs. The rules were described by Social Protection Secretary Heather Humphreys as a „closing time“ rather than a „curfew“. There are special licensing provisions that do not commit a licensing offence for night premises after midnight if alcohol is interrupted between 0000 and 05:00, or if patrons cease to provide a dance floor or other designated space for dancing, or if the supply of live or recorded music is stopped.

The regulation has prompted some licensed establishments to make adjustments to stay open longer and avoid costly compliance measures. In Edinburgh, for example, LuLu, traditionally a nightclub, decided to install furniture on its dance floor to reclassify premises and circumvent vaccine certification requirements. Outlaws` Guide | Dec 24, 2021 | 11:15 a.m.| 12 min. Varadkar said he „hopes and expects“ that high infection rates of the Omicron variant will not result in hospitalizations to the same extent as previous coronavirus waves. The purpose of the Covid passport in Wales is to prove that a person has been fully vaccinated or has tested negative for coronavirus through a lateral flow test carried out 48 hours before travelling to an event or venue. Padraig Cribben, chief executive of the Irish Winegrowers` Federation, said: „The reality is that this decision will decimate trade, which has already fallen to its knees.“ These include public transport, schools and retail businesses such as shopping malls, libraries, cinemas, theatres, museums, post offices and banks. The Amicus Finance case strikes a balance between a realistic review of plans and a fair outcome for creditors. „Given the deteriorating health situation, it is not surprising that the government is being forced to act, but it is disappointing that the hospitality sector is at the forefront of these measures,“ he said. Many restaurateurs were surprised by the decision to introduce a midnight closing time in bars and nightclubs.

However, hotel groups have warned that the restrictions will lead to widespread closures and layoffs across the industry. Pubs will be allowed to stay open until 12.30pm, seven days a week, while nightclubs will be allowed to open until 6am, as part of a sweeping new revision of licensing laws that will be considered by the cabinet on Tuesday. Venues operate at reduced capacity – for indoor venues, it`s 50% capacity or 1,000 people (whichever is lower) and outdoor events should be limited to 50% or 5,000 people (whichever is lower). Martin said the government will ensure that the entertainment sector has the necessary financial support. Discretionary bonuses „a great incentive,“ but . One source said there were plans for nightclub permits to be widely used by large nightclubs and venues, mainly in cities, rather than many nightclubs. Until December 27, the Welsh Government is encouraging people to follow five steps, including vaccination, ensuring a negative lateral flow test (LFT) before running errands or meeting people, meeting in well-ventilated places, preferably outdoors, distance from socialising to allow test days in between, and maintaining social distancing, face coverings and hand washing. Group activities and indoor sports, including group exercises, dance classes, amateur sports training and games, gaming centres, game rooms and bingo halls, should take place in groups of up to six people, with a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated participants. However, there is no upper limit to indoor group activities. The pod system can be customized to allow indoor games and competitions where participants are children. Late bar opening hours remain until 2.30am and a new late bar permit is required under strict conditions.

Those with symptoms continue to be asked to self-isolate and get tested for Covid. „This recent reintroduction of restrictions raises significant doubts about the viability of the nighttime sector as long as the pandemic continues,“ said Donall O`Keeffe, chief executive of the LVA. This does not change the fact that those who want to travel will still have to present vaccination certificates for international travel.

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