Name Change Court Order Copy Nyc name changes are common and usually quite easy to make. Our name change documents provide detailed instructions for filing instructions to help you successfully change your name without the cost of a lawyer. Our name change forms and services are not allowed to be used if the name change is the result of the marriage – a simpler procedure should be required. Our staff does not have details about these particular procedures offered in the various jurisdictions. You can contact your local clerk to find out more about local procedures and if you are qualified. Any parent or adult who retains parental or custody rights over a minor has a legal right to notice and must give consent or waiver of legal action against the minor. The current law varies from state to state, but the general rule is that both parents must agree to a name change for a minor. Our documents are designed only for uncontested litigation – lawsuits where all interested parties can agree. With your application, you must prove the date and place of your birth. This is usually done by providing a copy of your birth certificate. If you were born in New York State, special instructions apply to prove your date and place of birth: If publication of your name change is required, you must send your court order to a local newspaper that will be published within sixty (60) days of the court order being issued. Typically, the court will tell you in which newspaper you should publish your name change.

Send a photocopy of your signed court order to your county newspaper and pay the publication fee. Once published, submit a copy of your published name change to the court office for a certified copy. Proof of publication must be submitted within ninety (90) days of the date your court order was made. According to this law, any adult who has the legal right to be informed of the application (e.g. a biological or adoptive parent, a legal guardian, etc.) must be duly informed directly by the applicant (often referred to as the procedure service), and all such adults must consent to the change of the minor`s name. If an adult who is not petitioning does not accept the petition, these instructions will no longer apply and you should consult a lawyer. After the submission of the first documents, the applicant appears before the court for a hearing. The court will hear any objections from third parties to the petition and consider the petition. If everything is in order and the court approves the intent and nature of the application, the court signs a name change order.

For an order to be made, the court must find sufficient grounds for the amendment and also find that it is consistent with the public interest. If the court approves the petition, the name change must be published in a newspaper in accordance with the format prescribed by New York law. You can get them online at: Simply enter the new name you choose on your marriage proposal. You may not change your name for fraudulent purposes, for example to avoid a debt, you may not change it to a name that could affect the rights of another person, such as a celebrity, you may not use a swearing, racist insult, obscene and / or offensive word in your name, and you cannot change to a name, which would cause deliberate confusion (e.g. a name with punctuation and/or a number). As of December 21, 2021, the publication of name change orders will no longer be required. Instead, your name change will take effect as soon as you file the judge`s order with the county clerk. However, if you are required to pay spousal or family allowances, the court may ask you to send a copy of your name change order to the court that issued the support orders. However, the court cannot require you to send a notice to another person unless it does so in writing and justifies why you must do so. Finally, you can ask the court to seal your name change documents so that no one can access them without a court order.

If you want to do this, you will have to explain to the court why you want your name change log to be sealed. There is also a free and do-it-yourself official online program from the Office of Judicial Initiatives of the New York Court, which you can find here. Once you have completed both documents and notarized the petition, you will need to take your package to your district or Supreme Court (click here to find your court using the „Court Locator“ sidebar on the linked website) and submit it to the court clerk. New York City residents can file their name changes in New York City Civil Court, which is less expensive. Accepted payment methods and registration fees may vary depending on the country of residence, so it is your responsibility to be prepared to pay your registration fee. If you are unable to pay the costs, you can apply to the court for a fee waiver to subsidize some or all of your costs. Our country-specific name change documents include more than just the forms you need. Our employees review laws, laws, regulations and state requirements when developing our forms. Detailed instructions are included in each package.

In this text, it is always recommended that our clients contact their local clerk to ensure that all the necessary forms have been obtained. Our forms are country-specific (unless otherwise stated). However, we recognize that local laws vary – not just from state to state, but even from county to county.

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